Strategies on Dealing with Jealousy in Biker Relationships

If you are in a relationship with a biker girl or biker guy, it is totally natural to feel a little bit jealous sometimes, especially if you have very strong connection with your male Harley rider or female Harley rider. According to the relationship counselor on online biker dating sites, occasional jealousy is okay and may even add a little excitement and fire to the relationship. But what should Harley motorcycle riders do when this jealousy becomes more frequent and intense and turns into a serious issue in the end when they are in a long-term biker dating relationship?

First, biker women and biker men facing the problem should first figure out what make single Harley riders jealous. The most common evolutionary explanation for jealousy is that motorcycle men are afraid of being sexually challenged by other biker dudes, while motorcycle women, are more concerned with emotional infidelity.

And today, male Harley riders and female Harley riders are afraid of being rejected, not accepted, not being loved and not seeing what they have already expected to see. All these emotions are natural, however, with moderation. When it gets extreme, biker dudes and biker chicks become slave to their emotions and as a result, the relationship with their Harley girls and Harley guys ended badly too.

Your emotions doesn’t stand for your behavior.

It is hard not to act the way you are feeling when Harley men and Harley women feel jealous. However, not every man biker and women biker can act in a mature way when being put in this situation. It’s of great importance to understand that the feeling of jealousy or any other feelings is not the problem, the real trouble starts when you start acting on your extreme emotions which hurt your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude. You can totally feel the feeling, but calm down and think before acting on it.

It’s OK to show your vulnerabilities.

I get it that every motorcycle gentleman or motorcycle ladies is independent. But to love is to be vulnerable and have the courage to expose your weakness in front of the biker partner you trust and love. John R.R. Galiano said that “The more motorcycle relationship you have been in, the weaker you are.” What you need to do is to open your heart to your Harley chicks or Harley dude, trust whatever comes and keep calm before damage your motorcycle relationship. Yes, it is more than hard, but you need to be willing to accept what is beyond your emotion filter and trust your motorcycle partner to deal with the unknown and move forward with the motorcycle relationship. Always bear in mind that you are in a relationship with your biker babe or motorcycle babe, which means you have the responsibility to cope with its problems in a sensible way. It is not only a choice but also a huge step forward for Harley chicks and Harleys dudes in understanding other like-minded lovers of Harley Davidson bikes more.

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